Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Family Leader of the Happy Happy Recievers

I was fortunate to be asked to serve as a family leader. It was a memorable experience and I was able to get close to several girls because of my role as their den mother. My daughters for the week were always looking out for each other, as well as for me in some cases. They also took on the mission of  teaching me Kinyarwanda. We were very proud of our accomplishment of winning the spirit stick on the first day !!!

I loved spending my free time with these young ladies. We made memories dancing, laughing, being silly, and simply talking.

For the research project that was assigned to all the students, my daughters chose to research and present on Soil Erosion in Rwanda and on the Prevention of Malaria in Rwanda. Some of the ideas that the students came up with included using technology to educate the people of Rwanda of the radical terraces techniques to combat soil erosion and to educate people of how using mosquito nets can greatly help with preventing malaria. My family choose to do the majority of their presentations in English, and provide explanations in Kinyarwanda.  I was extremely proud of them for deciding to that on their own. Some of the girls didn't feel as comfortable speaking English as other girls, so when they decided as a team to present in English, it was a big step toward exhibiting courage. I love my girls and I know they will grow up to do amazing things :)  

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