Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day with Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV)

James Holly Jr. and myself volunteered to assist with gathering materials for the Techkowba Camp with the Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV). We started the day at Rz Manna, a bakery that sells delicious waffles and has an awesome WiFi connection.

After breakfast, we headed toward the city center. As we waited for the taxi bus to come, Liz, a PCV, was able to get someone to graciously drop us off into town for FREE! We started off to the Supermarket together to get sports balls, decorations, markers and other material for the camp. We found a place that had reasonable African fabric and were able to purchase some for the campers. Then we decided it would be best if we merged off into three different groups. The first group had Liz and James, and they were tasked with picking up the t-shirts for the campers. The second group was Elisabeth and Hanna and the third group was Ryan, Lauren and me. My group had to get toilet paper, soap, and brown paper bags for the campers, which we did by the way, and was able to get everything with our allocated budget. Once everyone collected their assigned materials, we met at the city center. The city center was like a huge mall, that had stores, a movie theater and a food court, which is where we decided to go eat. I shared a chicken barbeque pizza with Liz and Elisabeth and it was delicious!

Lauren offered to take me the market to get souvenoirs for my family, so I jumped on the opportunity and had an amazing time. We ended up taking a taxi bus which was only 200 RWF(~ 30 cents USD) each way.

By the time I got back to the hotel, it was time for dinner. We decided to go to Lalibela, an Ethiopian buffet, where we met Ken and Alline. The walk to and from the restaurant was 8.6 km, so I definitely got a great workout!

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