Thursday, July 24, 2014

First Face-to-Face Meeting of the TechKobwa Team

After collaborating remotely for over a year on organization, logistics, and the TechKobwa curriculum, we finally met (most of) the TechKobwa Peace Corps Team in person on Thursday morning.  The TechKobwa PC Team included Elisabeth Turner, Liz Stuhr, Ryan Stefani,  and Hannah Lam.  Lauren Wright had to miss because of a time conflict with another meeting.

Funny story: Without a clue where we were in relation to Peace Corps Headquarters, we paid 10000 RWF for two cabs to take us there.  We were surprised by the length of the trip--maybe 1/2 mile--up a hill and 3/4 around a long block.  Elisabeth greeted us at the front entrance, where we exchanged passports for badges.  Many murakoze cyane's later (practicing our "thank you very much"s on amused security guards), Elisabeth led us down a hefty hill to a back building in the compound and up a few flights of stairs.  When we looked out the window of our meeting room, we saw the Park View Apart.-Hotel, not a stone's throw away.  So much for a group of technical engineers thinking to bring up Google maps before planning a trip!   The back entrance to PC Headquarters is at the entrance to the drive for the hotel.  Live and learn.

It was a  full day of planning.  We walked through the teacher training schedule followed by the camper schedule, vetted teaching materials, checked what was printed and what still needed to be printed, discussed assignment of people to lessons and lessons to rooms, made plans for transportations of people and materials, etc. 

View of Kigali from out the back window of the meeting room:

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