Monday, July 28, 2014

The Alternate Route to Camp

IBM requires its personnel to travel in pre-approved (which equates to "costly") cars driven by pre-approved drivers.  To save costs and experience a bit more of the country, the MSU team joined the Peace Corps volunteers outside of PC Headquarters once the IBM car pulled away.
Blair, Lauren, Hannah, Ryan, and James outside PC Headquarters

We walked about 10 minutes, uphill, to the main road where we caught a local bus to Nyabugogo, a central transportation hub for Rwanda in Kigali.
Nyabugogo Bus Station
The trip to Musanze took about 2 hours.  The bus was full.  Scenery was beautiful!  A video monitor periodically cut in and out with music.

Once in Musanze, PC volunteers would normally take an hour-long "moto" (a motorcycle "taxi" for one) from Musanze to Janja along a windy dirt road.  But "moto" is not a very safe mode of travel.  So we instead all squeezed into a 4-wheel drive vehicle that PC volunteers arranged for the MSU travelers to take, and we started the bumpy last leg of our journey.  By car the drive was a good 90 minutes.  We were well "tossed" by the time we arrived.
At long last, we have arrived!

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