Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Visit to CMU ICT Center of Excellence in Rwanda

We were greeted upon arrival by Dr. Hedda R. Schmidtke, head of the CMU ICT Center of Excellence in Rwanda (CMU-R). She explained that CMU-R opened in 2012 and currently offers two graduate degree programs: Masters of Science in Information Technology and Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  On this particular morning, the Center was buzzing with excitement as they were preparing for their first commencement to take place the next day.  Dr. Schmidtke also presented her vision for a Mobility Research Center for Africa.  A new focus for the ICT Center, this program will leverage the on-going investment that the Rwandan government is putting into networking infrastructure throughout the country.  We in turn shared with Dr. Schmidtke the vision of TechKobwa for building capacity in Rwanda by inspiring girls to explore opportunities in ICT.

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